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Made Simple

Owner’s representatives providing a successful risk management approach to construction on behalf of owners and developers for over 20 years.

3601 Green Road, Suite 302
Beachwood, Ohio 44122


Eric Greenberg, RA



Budgeting, Scheduling,
and Constructability



Design, Manage Risk,
and Project Delivery


Our Bottom-Up Approach

Added Value

Bottom-Up Planning

No left turns is our mantra.  It is our job to mitigate every variable that can push a project off course. Waiting until it is too late to react to design, budget, scheduling, and constructability issues is the problem on most jobs. Our proactive approach to planning, budgeting and procurement from the “bottom up” is the difference maker.

Risk Management Over Value Engineering

Value engineering can save an Owner money, but not necessarily value. Our Risk Management approach for delivering a project allows for buying value from the start of design (lower costs upfront) and thereby eliminates having to work backwards late in the game to save money.

The Project is Our Client

Our fees on your project are fixed, uniquely positioning H+A to make decisions on behalf of the owner without any conflicts of interest. Our success is measured by the outcome of the Project and Owner satisfaction.  Our goal is Construction Made Simple.

Added Value

Our Services


Full Service Owners Representative

As your advocate, advisor, and representative, Harlan+Associates provides you with all the services needed to meet the demands of your project from start to finish.  We fill any gap of responsibility that could leave the Owner vulnerable or at risk.

Project Budgeting and Scheduling

  • Review the Owner’s programming and vision with the Architect and the Owner to ensure everyone speaks the same language.

  • Generate a responsible line item project budget and CPM schedule that accurately reflects the desired concept.

  • Evaluate the project for constructability and as necessary infuse proper adjustments to the planning phase and the budget prior to procurement.

Project Delivery

  • Determine the most efficient and best suited Project Delivery method for procuring the project. 

  • Provide bid documents aligned with procurement method, including a detailed Prose Statement (Summary of Work), to ensure accurate bids. 

  • Utilize and implement creative Project Deliveries for projects that have demanding and challenging constraints.

Project Oversight

  • Oversee the construction process from start to finish on behalf of the owner.

  • Properly manage, pay applications, and extra work conditions in the best interest of the owner.

  •  Facilitate quick, cost effective solutions with the Design and Construction teams as they arise during construction.

Ancillary Services

  • Pre-construction services.

  • Post-construction services (Project closeout and maintenance contracts)

  • Tenant coordination services

Legal Services

Our knowledge and experience in the Construction industry for over 40 years, along with our thorough understanding of costs, scheduling, and constructability, give your team the advantage.


We specialize in extracting raw data, breaking it down, and then reassembling the information we provide allows you to discern what, where, when and how things went awry.


H+A has represented Non-Profits, Developers, Contractors, Architects, and other consultants all with favorable results.


  • Construction Claims Consulting
    Assist Attorneys preparation for arbitration

  • Legal Expert / Expert Witness
    Testify in court or arbitration

h+a 2.jpg

“Mr. Cohen partnered with our architects, general contractors, subcontractors, landlord representative, and company personnel using a collaborative and communicative approach to ensure a successful outcome.” - Dealer Tire


40+ Years

40+ Years of experience in construction and architecture.

Since its formation in 1998, Harlan + Associates has provided representation, oversite, and consultation on over $1.5B of construction.  H+A projects include hi-rise office buildings, mid-rise buildings, hotels, corporate office buildings, retail malls and strip centers, multi-family residential projects, mixed-use developments, schools, public spaces, and industrial use projects. Our clients receive the highest level of professional expertise and advice, resulting in highly successful outcomes. Harlan+Associates has built an exemplary reputation for providing honest, accurate, and reliable information that our clients are able to rely on with confidence.


“Our approach is personal and proactive, ensuring Owner’s best interests are provided for”


Harley Cohen
Founder + Principal

Throughout his 40+ career, Harley has acquired valuable experience in all aspects of planning and constructing buildings and public facilities of every type. After 20 years of working in the trenches on the construction side, Harley saw a critical need in the industry not just for another random Owner’s Representative company, but a consulting firm that is capable of successfully bridging the broad communication gap that continues to plague project owners, designers, and contractors. Harley is most in his element when working hands-on and collaboratively with all parties involved. 


Eric Greenberg, RA

Eric is a registered Architect with 15+ years of design experience in retail, office, residential construction, as well as urban planning. Eric joined Harlan+Associates intent on helping Owners to better achieve their architectural desires. Through the use of the H+A “Bottom-Up” and Risk Management approach to design and construction, Eric is realizing his passion to improve and retain architectural integrity, while delivering project on time and in budget. A Master’s graduate of Kent State University’s Architecture and Urban Design program, Eric brings thoughtfulness, pride, and commitment to his job everyday.


Dana Cohen
Director of Business + Development

Dana received her Masters of Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has experience in a wide range of steps in the development process from bidding and procurement to zoning and urban design. Dana is the glue that keeps the firm together, managing the back of house activities while keeping the team on track and focused on delivering our best work.










Client: Fairmount Properties

  • 23-Story Class-A Office Tower, 500,000 SF

  • 150 room Aloft Hotel & Conference Center

  • 7-Story, 300-unit, Mixed Use Residential Complex

  • 125,000 SF Retail & Entertainment Center

  • 1,200’ Riverfront Boardwalk

  • 22 acre Brownfield Development

Flats East Bank 2.jpg








Client: LRC Realty

  • Multi-phase Redevelopment

  • Mall Revitalization

  • New lower level parking

  • Features an indoor/outdoor concept with Nanawall

  • Facade Renovation

  • Infrastructure and Structural modifications

  • Retail and Office Space

  • Tenant Coordination

Euclid Grand.png

Project Details:
$60 Million

16 Months

Luxury Apartments & Retail
Historic Tax Credits


Alto Partners, USA

Hebrew Academy_Entry.jpg

Project Details:
$20 Million

16 Months

96,000 SF School

65 Acre Site

Hebrew Academy, Cleveland

Hebrew Academy of Cleveland
Cleveland Heights, Ohio


Project Details:
$30 Million

10 Months (Design & Construct)

96,000 SF Office
650 Car Parking Structure
2.6 Acre Urban Park

Historic Tax Credits (Victory Building)

Dealer Tire Corp., Cleveland

Fountain Square.JPG

Project Details:
$48.9 Million

15 Months

2 Acre Urban Park

600 Car Underground Parking Structure
Ice Skating Rink
LED Display
Historic Water Fountain
Historic Tax Credits


The Enclave.jpg

Project Details:
$12 Million

10 Months

65 Unit Student Housing Development

1,000 SF Workout Center

Design Assist


LRC Realty

Martin House 2 copy.jpg

Project Details:
$36 Million

16 Month Construction Time

36,000 SF Historic Renovation
25,000 SF New Boutique Hotel
104 Hotel Rooms 
Commercial Kitchen
Historic Tax Credits


Paran, Inc.

The Fives 2.jpg

Project Details:
$3.5 Million

6 Months

270,000 SF Office
12,000 SF retail
(3) 7-Story Office Buildings

Fire Alarm System Replacement
Elevator Modernizations


Alto Partners, USA

Stella Maris.jpg

Project Details:
$4.5 Million

12 Months (Design & Construction)

12,000 SF

Stella Maris, Inc.

Cresswell Interior.jpg

Project Details:
$12 Million

14 Months

11 Stories, 80 Units

Historic Tax Credits
Design Assist 

The Slyman Group


Project Details:
$3.5 Million

12 Months

11,000 SF Student Center
State of The Art Amenities
Retained Entire 10% Contingency

Hillel at Kent State University

Private Residence.JPG

Project Details:
$12 Million

12 Months

12,000 SF Private Residence

LEED Platinum
State of The Art Energy Management

College Town Kent State.jpg

Project Details:
$30 Million

18 Months

200,000 SF Office, Retail, Residential

Northeast Ohio's 2012 Mixed-Use
project of the year. (NAIOP)

Fairmount Properties

Construction Made Simple

3601 Green Road, Suite 302
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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